Socialist Alliance stands for socialism — a democratic society run by and for working people, not the greedy, destructive capitalist elite that now rules. We put people and the planet before profit, the millions before the billionaires. We believe that a society based on this principle is entirely realistic, and necessary if humanity and the planet are to survive.

We believe that in order to bring about such a society, we have to replace the institutions that protect and defend this ruling elite (such as parliament, government administration, police and the military) with institutions under the democratic control of ordinary people. In other words we need revolutionary change, brought about with the active participation of the majority of people.

Join Socialist Alliance to help build a people-before-profits alternative in Australian politics. You don't have to be on the electoral roll or be an Australian citizen, but if you are your membership will help us to retain our electoral registration (check your enrollment). Any individual who broadly agrees with the aims and objectives of the Socialist Alliance and agrees to participate in the co-operative spirit of the Alliance is eligible to join.

It is free to join Socialist Alliance, however we have a voluntary membership fee. This helps us pay for our activities and people who pay the annual membership fee are eligible to become Voting Members. If you want to take up a paid membership option, that will be possible after submitting the form below. If you have an issue with submitting the form, please make sure you have filled in items marked with the asterisk symbol (*).

You can also download a PDF version of this form and post it to Socialist Alliance, PO Box 114, Broadway NSW 2007. If you require assistance please email our membership office or call (02) 8070 9331.