Leila Khaled cr Rafa Stedile

Leila Khaled, iconic Palestinian revolutionary activist, member of the national committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and a representative on the Palestine National Council.

Zionist organisations and right-wing media are campaigning to silence Khaled from addressing events here and overseas. The Australian Labor government has said Khaled would be denied a visa and now there is a push to prevent her from addressing the conference by video link.

In response, the conference organisers have been collecting messages of support from prominent Australian and international figures. You can view a selection of these messages on the conference blog here.

Leila is a keynote speaker at the conference opening session From the river to the sea: Palestine will be free! 6:30pm AWST (Boorloo/Perth time), Friday 28 June at the Boorloo Activist Centre in Boorloo/Perth.

  • For online attendees in Adelaide and Darwin the session will start at 8pm ACST, Friday 28 June.

  • For online attendees in Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney the session will start at 8:30pm AEST, Friday 28 June.

  • UTC+8 hours

News about Leila Khaled

Who’s afraid of Leila Khaled (and why she should be allowed to speak)?

It is rank hypocrisy to deny Palestinian freedom fighter Leila Khaled a visa or a platform to speak, while Labor is going visas to former Israeli army people wanted for war crimes. Green Left's Peter Boyle reports.

Leila Khaled: An icon for women’s emancipation, Palestinian struggle and international solidarity

South Africans are deeply disturbed by the character assassination and threats levelled against Leila Khaled, an icon of anti-colonial struggle, writes South African human rights activist, Salim Vally.

Video: Let the Palestinian resistance speak

Palestinian revolutionary Leila Khaled responds to those who would ban her from Australia in an interview with Green Left's Peter Boyle.

Let Leila Khaled speak!

Palestine liberation fighter Leila Khaled has described Israel’s occupation of Palestine as the “peak of terrorism”. This is why Zionist organisations want to stop her from speaking, writes Green Left's Peter Boyle.

‘Fake outrage’: Right-wing hysteria erupts over Leila Khaled speaking engagement

Ecosocialism 2024 conference organiser Sam Wainwright believes the far-right objections to even allowing Palestinian freedom fighter Leila Khaled to address the Ecosocialism 2024 conference is “fake outrage”, reports Green Left's Pip Hinman.