Intro to Ecosocialism

This introductory workshop explains what is ecosocialism and why we in the Socialist Alliance believe that in the 21st century, any progressive alternative to the capitalist system has to simultaneously address both social justice and ecology. It will discuss the relevance of Marxist theory to an ecosocialist revolution and suggest readings for deeper study of this topic.

The session Introduction to socialism 1 is on at 3:30pm AWST (Boorloo/Perth time), Saturday 29 at the Boorloo Activist Centre in Boorloo/Perth.

  • For online attendees in Adelaide and Darwin the session will start at 5pm ACST, Saturday 29 June.

  • For online attendees in Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney the session will start at 5:30pm AEST, Saturday 29 June.

  • UTC+8 hours


Nova Sobieralski
Nova Sobieralski (Boorloo/Perth)
Nova Sobieralski is a member of Socialist Alliance who is involved in campaigns for trans rights through Queer Liberation Boorloo.