Kohei Saito

Japanese Marxist academic Kohei Saito, author of Capital in the Anthropocene, will be a keynote speaker at Ecosocialism 2023, being organised by Green Left in Naarm/Melbourne over July1 to 2.

When Saito’s Capital in the Anthropocene was published in Japan in September 2020, it became very popular among young people and quickly sold more than half a million copies. The English version is about to be published.

Saito, an associate professor at Tokyo University, built on the pioneering work on Karl Marx’s early ecological insights by other Marxist scholars, such as John Bellamy Foster.

His work is also based on extensive new research on Marx's previously untranslated and unpublished notebooks. This research is being published in English as Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the idea of Degrowth Communism.

Saito argues that the world needs to break from capitalism and its pursuit of unlimited growth and profits if it is going to have any chance of returning to a more ecologically sustainable path.

Kohei will be joining the conference by videolink.

Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the idea of Degrowth Communism is on sale for $AU45 from Resistance Books.