Climate Justice & The Global South

People around the world experience the climate emergency differently.

The wealthiest countries, that represent 10% of the global population, are directly responsible for more than 50% of global emissions while countries of the global south are experiencing disproportionate impacts of the climate crisis. The massive floods that engulfed Pakistan in 2022 are one example of this.

This session features ecosocialist activists from Pakistan and Malaysia on how we can fight for climate justice in the global south and what climate campaigners in wealthy countries can learn from these struggles.

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Cheong Huei Ting
Cheong Huei Ting
Cheong Huei Ting is a Central Committee Member of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) and the Coordinator for the Environmental and Climate Crisis Bureau for PSM.
Farooq Tariq
Farooq Tariq
Farooq Tariq is President of the Haqooq Khalq Party and a leading activist in the climate justice movement in Pakistan.