Class Struggle in South East Asia

Hear from ecosocialist activists from Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore about the challenges of building left-wing politics in their respective countries and the lessons that can be learned in terms of fighting for social change today.

Featuring Huei Ting (Socialist Party of Malaysia), Sonny Melencio (Party of Laboring Masses) and Kokila Annamalai (Transformative Justice Collective, Singapore).

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Cheong Huei Ting
Cheong Huei Ting
Cheong Huei Ting is a Central Committee Member of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) and the Coordinator for the Environmental and Climate Crisis Bureau for PSM.
Sonny Melenico
Sonny Melencio
Sonny Melencio is Chairperson of the Partido Lakas ng Masa (Philippines) and author of Full Quarter Storms
Kokila Annamalai
Kokila Annamalai
Kokila Annamalai is an abolitionist, community organiser, writer and activist from Singapore. She is a co-founder of Transformative Justice Collective and Workers Make Possible.