The organisers of Ecosocialism 2023 acknowledge that this conference is taking place on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Boonwurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation. It always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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Welcome to Ecosocialism 2023
A World Beyond Capitalism

We are in the midst of a climate emergency and there is no way out without radically changing the way society is organised.

This conference aims to bring together activists from around the world, particularly from the Asia-Pacific region. We want to examine the intersection between the ecological, economic and political crises of this time and draw together activists from various progressive social movements to discuss how we campaign for a world beyond capitalism.

Green Left is proud to host Ecosocialism 2023 and provide a platform for the voices of peace, justice and ecological sustainability that the corporate media consistently ignores.

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Important Information

Meal & snack bar

All food is provided at the Loading Bay on the ground floor of Victorian Trades Hall.

  • Snack bar: 9am to 5pm each day. Includes breakfast 9 - 12noon

  • Lunch: 1-2pm on Saturday & Sunday provided by the Muslim Women’s Council of Victoria.

  • Afternoon Tea: 3:30pm on Saturday and Sunday an assortment of delicious cakes.

  • Saturday Night Dinner provided as part of A Celebration of Cultural Dissent event.

  • Sunday Night: Sausage Sizzle 5pm onwards.

Book stall & merchandise

Resistance Bookshop will operate at the Loading Bay of the Victorian Trades Hall with a range of books, pamphlets, magazines, t-shirts and badges. EFTPOS and cash payments accepted.

Medical Aid

A basic first aid kit will be available at the registration desk. In case of emergency, please alert one of the conference organisers.The closest medical centre is Medical One QV located at Lv 3, 23 QV Terrace, 292 Swanston Street, Melbourne.


Security will operate during the conference at all times to help ensure its smooth running. Conference attendees must wear their name tag at all times. Replacement name tags are available from the registration desk.

This is a private function and organisers have the right to refuse entry to, or ask anyone to leave if they decide it is in the best interests of the conference proceedings.

Head of security: Sue Bolton 0413 377 978

Photography, videography and media

Green Left and other community media will be audio recording and filming the conference.


A bar will be open in the Loading Bay from 5.30pm on Saturday evening. To comply with liquor licensing conditions, alcohol will not be available outside these times.


Smoking is not permitted in any indoor locations at the venue. It is permitted outdoors in the car parking area.

Victorian Trades Hall

The conference will be held at Victorian Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton VIC 3053. The information detailed below (click to enlarge an image) can also be read in the venue guide.

Trades Hall room guides


Saturday 1 July

All sessions times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

9AM Registration opens
10AM Fight climate change not war
Clifton D'Rozario, Senator Jordan Steele-John, Pip Hinman & Sonny Melencio
Location: Solidarity Hall
11:30AM Unions, politics and how we fight for change
Location: Balit-mil
Freedom vs Fortress: A conversation with Behrouz Boochani
Location: Solidarity Hall
Imperialism in the 21st Century
Location: Quilt Room
CANCELLED - Fighting for West Papua Today
Location: Wooke kire bang-al
1PM Lunch break
2PM Towards the idea of degrowth communism
Kohei Saito
Location: Solidarity Hall
4PM Housing as a human right
Location: Balit-mil
Woman, Life, Freedom - ideas that inspired the Rojava Revolution and popular uprising in Iran
Location: Solidarity Hall
Class struggle in South-East Asia
Location: Quilt Room
Queen liberation for all: Opposing the
Trans hysteria

Location: Wooke kire bang-al
6:30PM A Celebration of Cultural Dissent
Loading Bay, Victorian Trades Hall
Tickets for sale at the door, meal included
$15 unwaged/$25 waged/$40 solidarity

Sunday 2 July

All sessions times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

9AM Registration opens
10AM Climate justice & the Global South
Myanmar's Spring revolution & Rohingya
Solidarity Hall
Patriarchy and the origins of women's oppression
Quilt Room
Capitalism in crisis
Wooke kire bang-al
11:30AM The fight for democracy in India - Is Modi Fascist?
Clifton D'Rozario & Ruchira Talukdar
Location: Solidarity Hall
1PM Lunch break
2PM 'Artificial intelligence', capitalism and
Fighting for First Nation's Justice &
Solidarity Hall
Relevance of Marxism for the 21st Century
Quilt Room
Caste & Class in India
Wooke kire bang-al
4PM Re-conceptualisng Revolution in the Age of the Climate Emergency
Farooq Tariq, Liam Flenady & Susan Price
Location: Solidarity Hall

Sat July 1 session info

10am feature panel

Fight climate change not war

As Labor's AUKUS deal increases the chances of nuclear war and militarises the Pacific, little is being done by the Albanese government to address the climate emergency.

This panel will look at the challenges to build a powerful, international movement against the fossil fuel industries and war machines in our region that can force governments to address the imminence of climate apocalypse.

Speakers: Clifton D'Rozario (Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, India), Reihana Mohideen (Party of the Laboring Masses, Phillipines), Pip Hinman (Co-editor of Green Left, long time anti-war activist), Senator Jordan Steele-John (Australian Greens Senator for WA).

11:30am workshops

Workshop 1: Unions, community and how we fight for change

By uniting workers in struggle, unions can play a unique role in building momentum for change and responding to crises of today. Union leaders and rank and file campaigners will discuss their tactics and vision for building a fairer, more sustainable future.

Speakers: Tash Wark (Deputy Branch Secretary, Australian Services Union Vic/Tas), Anthony Veal (Postal worker and unionist in the Communications Workers Union), Sarah Hathway (Socialist Alliance).
Mike Treen (Founder of and advocate for Unite union, Aotearoa/New Zealand

Workshop 2: Imperialism in the 21st century

This session will address the role of Imperialism, military spending and capitalism's drive to war today. Sam will discuss whether China and Russia fit the definitions of imperialist nations and Australia's place in the world.

Speaker: Sam Wainwright (National Co-Convenor, Socialist Alliance)

Workshop 3: Freedom vs Fortresses, a conversation with Behrouz Boochani

Behrouz Boochani spent more than six years imprisoned on Manus Island. In this session Behrouz will be discussing his views on the barbarity of refugee detention and the importance of fighting for freedom for all.

Speaker: Behrouz Boochani (Kurdish-Iranian activist, author and film producer)

Workshop 4: Fighting for West Papua today

Indonesia seized and occupied West Papua in 1969. Australian governments and mining corporations have supported the ongoing occupation since then, while West Papuans have actively resisted this occupation. Hear directly from West Papuan activists about the freedom movement and what we can do in solidarity.

Speaker: Cindy Makabory (West Papuan activist) & Paula Makabory (West Papuan activist)

2pm keynote panel

Towards the idea of degrowth communism

Capitalism’s rapacious drive for profit is destroying the planet. Japanese Marxist academic, Kohei Saito, maintains that to survive this destruction new ways of living that  repair the damage, slow down social production and share wealth are needed. Where ‘degrowth’ communism replaces capitalism. Saito gives new significance to Marx’s theory of metabolic rift, arguing that Marxist theory needs to respond to this situation with clear practical demands that envisage a sustainable society beyond capitalism.

Speaker: Kohei Saito (author of Capital in the Anthropocene)

4pm workshops

Workshop 1: Housing as a human right

Rents and interest rates are rising resulting in the worst housing crisis in generations. This workshop will discuss the housing crisis and activist responses.

Speaker: Kristin O'Connell (Antipoverty activist with the Antipoverty Centre and unwaged social policy researcher) Rachel Evans (Socialist Alliance) Karyn Brown (Action for Public Housing) Margaret Kelly (Barak Beacon resident)

Workshop 2: Class struggle in South-East Asia

Hear from ecosocialist activists from Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore about the challenges of building left-wing politics in their respective countries and the lessons that can be learned in terms of fighting for social change today.

Speakers: Cheong Huei Ting (Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)  Sonny Melencio (Chairperson of the Partido Lakas ng Masa, Philippines ) Kokila Annamalai  (Co-founder of Workers Make Possible, Singapore).

Workshop 3: Woman, Life, Freedom – the ideas that inspired the Rojava revolution and the popular uprising in Iran

Nilüfer Koç will share some of the new ideas inspiring the Kurdish-led feminist and green revolutionary movement that has liberated north and east Syria (Rojava) and its spread to other parts of Kurdistan, including Rojhelat (East Kurdistan currently in Iran).

Speaker: Nilüfer Koç (Executive Council member and spokesperson for the Commission on Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK).

Workshop 4: Queer Liberation for All: Opposing the Trans Hysteria

This session looks at how the far-right has launched a growing coordinated attack on trans rights internationally whilst mainstream institutions are failing to protect the lives of the trans community and what we can do about it.

Speakers: Nova Sobieralski (Socialist Alliance, trans activist Queer Liberation Boorloo), Chloe Holmes: (Trans justice activist Naarm/Melbourne, activist Victorian Pride Lobby).

Sun 2 July session info

10am workshops

Workshop 1: Climate justice & The Global South

Ecosocialist activists from Pakistan, Malaysia and Singapore look at the fight for climate justice in the global south and what those in wealthy countries can learn from these struggles.

Speakers: Cheong Huei Ting (Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM), Farooq Tariq (President Haqooq Khalq Party )

Workshop 2: Patriarchy and the origins of women’s oppression

Men have not always dominated women. Sue Bull examines the various studies that Marxist feminists have undertaken looking at how women's inequality began and what it means for our liberation.

Speaker: Sue Bull (Long term unionist, feminist and Socialist Alliance leader).

Workshop 3: Myanmar's Spring Revolution and the Rohingya genocide

Two years have passed since the military coup in Burma (Myanmar) overthrew the ruling National League for Democracy government. This session will hear from activists reflectioning on the Myanmar Spring Revolution, the nature of the Rohingya genocide and why it needs to be opposed.

Speaker: Maung Zarni (research fellow at the (Genocide) Documentation Center - Cambodia, Burmese coordinator of the Free Rohingya Coalition) Habiburahman (spokesperson of the Australian Burmese Rohingya Organization)

Workshop 4: Capitalism in Crisis

Today we are facing a renewed global recession that threatens the return of a great depression due to the weak recovery from 2008 GFC debt explosion. Marx identified the essence of such periodic crises in 1848. Mike Treen will use the latest crisis to illustrate how it confirms Marx's crisis theory.

Speaker: Mike Treen (Founder Unite union, Aotearoa/New Zealand)

11.30am feature panel

The Fight for Democracy in India: Is Modi Fascist?

The Modi government has a history of racist, communal brutality through its ethnic cleansing of India’s Muslim population and the persecution of minorities. Recently there have been fight backs against ethnic violence, unemployment, poverty and the intensification of patriarchal and caste violence. This panel will discuss the character of the Modi regime and the popular resistance to his rule on all levels.

Speakers: Clifton D'Rozario (Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, India), Ruchira Talukdar (Co-founder of Sapna South Asian Climate Solidarity)

2pm workshops

Workshop 1: 'Artificial intelligence', capitalism and liberation

Beyond the hype, what is the real meaning of the emergence of AI, does it change capitalism or reinforce it's fundamental dynamics? For many workers in the Global South it is making work more precarious. This session looks at the impact of AI on workers.

Speaker: Aishik Saha (researcher on digital and algorithmic labour data workers)

Workshop 2: Relevance of Marxism for the 21st Century

Peter Boyle  will argue the  case for why activists campaigning to change the system today should study the ideas of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. The session will also discuss how Marxists like John Bellamy Foster and Kohei Saito help us relate to the climate emergency.

Speaker: Peter Boyle (Socialist Alliance, author of 'Introduction to Marxism')

Workshop 3: Fighting for First Nation's Justice & Sovereignty

Discussion about First Nations issues has been dominated by the upcoming referendum on Voice to parliament. Hear from First Nations activists on how we can fight for genuine justice that goes beyond tokenistic measures.

Speakers: Senator Lidia Thorpe (Djab Wurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman and Independent Senator), Joel Shackleton (Gunditjmara man, Koori organiser CFMEU)

Workshop 4: Caste and class in India today

India's caste system was officially outlawed in 1950, yet it continues to impact on social relations in India today. This workshop explores the intersections between caste and class and draws on the experiences of Dalit workers and their fights for justice.

Speaker: Clifton D'Rozario (Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, India)

4pm feature panel

Re-conceptualising Revolution in the Age of the Climate Emergency

As the climate crisis worsens on a seemingly daily basis, the need to end the destructiveness of capitalism becomes more urgent. It is now starkly clear that a system based on profit cannot and will not deal with runaway climate change. The final session of the conference will share experiences, explore the challenges and raise possibilities from socialists, Greens and progressive leaders in the Asia Pacific region.

Speakers: Farooq Tariq (President of the Haqooq Khalq Party), Liam Flenady (South Brisbane Greens,Chief of staff for Greens MP Elizabeth Watson-Brown), Susan Price (Co-editor of Green Left and Socialist Alliance

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